Johannes Eisenburger

Personal Success Coach & Trauma Therapist

I help you get Clarity on what really matters to you, and to have the Courage to make it happen.

At the young age of 19, I had a life-changing Near-Death-Experience.
I was exposed to such intense feelings of clarity, connectedness, and peace, which are indescribable with words.

Ever since I live life with altered consciousness and a clear purpose:
Exploring the deeper meaning of our human experience, and empowering people to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Certifications in Systemic Coaching, Adult Learning, and Trauma-Therapy, combined with solid professional experience in Business Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Stagecraft are the rare foundation of my methods.

My mentality is based on having lived and worked in 6 different countries, exposure to various social and cultural backgrounds, and a burning passion for exploring human behaviour.

“I am on a mission to inspire people to become aware of who they are, what they are here for, and live the best life possible.”

– Yours truly