How well are you pitching, selling and negotiating your ideas?

Sales is the moment of truth for your business.
All efforts invested in creating great products and services are pointless – if in the end there is no sale or deal.

It is our mission to empower people and businesses with powerful ideas to: Communicate with Confidence.


“Successful people are always looking to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking what’s in it for me?”

– Brian Tracy

A contemporary Sales Methodology that is human, relational and conscious, while facing the fact that any business -whatever its nature- has to sell. Period.


In this approach we uncover a sales professional’s unique personal purpose in life, connect it to the over-arching purpose of the organization and thus unleash an authentic drive for success and growth – in sales and as a person.


This is a positive and dynamic perspective on selling, free from all that exaggerated (and unnecessary) 1980s “winner-takes-all-mentality”.

“I have seen first-hand Johannes’ superior sales skills in a competitive environment with regularly exceeding targets and setting the bar higher for others to follow. He leads others to improve themselves and be more in touch with their own motivations. His training and coaching abilities are invaluable for any company looking to improve results.”

– Alexander Huber, Head of Sales

Harvard Negotiation

„Consciously or subconsciously you are always negotiating, if you like it or not.“

Negotiation is a fundamental and essential part of any human interaction – whether in business, politics, parenthood or any other form of relationship.

Conflict resolution and successful negotiation is usually considered a game of crushing the other, in order to get as much as possible out of it.

This is not only ineffective, but far from the truth…

“Johannes is a great negotiator, and in his role as a trainer and coach, Johannes will without doubt pass along his knowledge and experience to the people he will develop.”

– Moatasem Malkawi, Head of Sales

Life’s a Pitch!

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”

– William Shakespeare

Most people rather be dead than on stage!
So they hide behind boring slide-decks and embarrassing jokes.

Performing is a dance between perfection and flow,
between meticulous preparation and being in the moment with the audience.

You might have the brightest and most disruptive innovation in your mind and the excellence of your idea is a no-brainer…

Still, if you are not capable of telling your story in a captivating, authentic, memorable way, what you will get is:

“Don’t call us, we call you” – and no Investor.

“Johannes is a dude. I’ve worked with him for the last year. He is hardworking, smart, and brings a breadth of life experience from his previous endeavours.”

– Mike Ross