Dis-connect to

Can’t we all feel it? That crazy, hectic pace of modern urban life with its ubiquitous noise and constant rush…

Striving, grinding, achieving. Metro – boulot – dodo. Working hard to play even harder.

Mountain Yurt Retreat – Where Nature is Luxury

Opening Summer 2020 – Get in touch for bookings and more information

We often completely forget what it’s like to sleep in tranquil calmness, observe a sky full of stars or enjoying a walk without constantly flipping our attention between Instagram, Spotify, Mail and WhatsApp.

Even though we nowadays tend to communicate more – don’t we communicate less with ourselves?

The criticizing, over-demanding inner drill-sergeant voice is always present, yet that soothing, compassionate check-in with our true self, pondering about who we really are and what trajectory our life is currently on and whether or not we still align with that… well, our driven, go-getter urban self doesn’t really appreciate that, does it?

We all need a break, a breather (quite literally) more often than not.
So we are building the ideal space for you to come in – and slow down.

Reconnect Festival

Music, Nature, Connection – in the healing surroundings of the Swiss Alps –

You are invited to disconnect with us.
For one transformative, soulful, memorable weekend, in one of the few special places where life is: simply good.

Where you can’t help but to: RE-CONNECT

Nature will be our sacred playground, summer sun and fresh mountain air our masterful therapists, music our seductive facilitator.

Outdoor Seminars & Nature Immersion

Do you think workshops and seminars always have to happen in your meeting room or some random windowless seminar space?

Would you and your team not rather experience personal development in an environment that is nourishing, uplifting and inspiring?

We believe Learning & Development is most effective when Mind, Spirit and Body are equally enjoying the event.

Where personal & business growth meets downtime & adventure.