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Touching people in their hearts by use of the spoken word and stories is my way of motivating others for growth and change.

Acting is one of the most forthright ways to dissect our character and take a deep dive into investigating the experience of being human.

A former actor, I combine my passion for language, writing and creative expression for conveying an inspiring, memorable message to my audience.

What I like to speak about

To Die before you Die

Most people fear death.

Most people wonder why we are here and what happens when we die.

The Near-Death Experience I had at the age of 19, allowed me a sneak preview to where we all will go at some point.

I saw and learned something on “the other side” that deeply affected my life and my sense of purpose.


These insights can be profoundly encouraging for those who seek an explanation about the biggest question we humans ask ourselves.

Inner Work

The current trend of urban shamanism and the renaissance of psychedelics in therapeutic work carries enormous benefit. And some risk.

My experiences from working extensively with shamans, therapists, healers in the quest of healing the common pain we all share.

Why not selling is the new selling

Like it or not, everyone is in sales. The widespread misperception about the sales profession and its important role in business drives me to share my passion, positive view and personal insights.

Who I like to talk to
  • Millennials – My Generation
  • Corporates
  • Start-Ups and Young Entrepreneurs
  • People searching for meaning and inspiration at: Conferences, Events, Pop-Ups and Summits


Potential – Fulfilment – Purpose


Coming soon: my podcast series on inspiring conversations with inspired humans.